Instructions for use

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE – Pulley model 2022 – type with maximum safety


You are receiving material that is defined as a training aid for dogs. The pulley conforms to the latest knowledge of safety of running dogs.
Please follow the guidelines and tips below.
If you do not have to, do not stay near the pulley. The pulley is very safe if it gets really tight (it’s a little in your hand tightens to at least 5Nm) and if the tip length is used for the respective terrain.

Always tighten the tips with !!!two wrenches and really firmly!!!


1)    Push the pulley into the ground by means of the upper standing part, pull it out the same way or by the lower part. Never hammer in the pulley, bearings may be limited in the play and the pulley will then stiffen. If this happens, grab the pulley by the center and strike the lower or upper part once with a hammer, depending on where the bearings are located. The pulleys are processed to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. It is best to pre-drill the pulleys, the drill is included in the package.
2)    Do not press on the inner rotating part of the pulley.
3)    Use a suitable tip length of 35 cm depending on the rigidity of the substrate. I recommend drilling pre-drills with AKU drill with 12mm/400mm drill. The spikes are optional accessories and can be reordered. A variation for deeper snow can be solved individually.
4)    The pulley is made of high quality materials. Surface finishes (anodizing, galvanizing) have increased resistance but are not resistant to rough handling.
5)    Any scratches do not affect the functionality of the pulley.
6)    Use a tassel that has a good start at the end to avoid unnecessary shocks. Although the roller has two large bearings (37mm), it can shorten their lifespan.
7)    Always transport the pulley in a transport case. Before storing it, clean from coarse dirt. Leave the case open before storing it between actions for possible drying and wipe the pulleys well with a damp cloth and clean. Always allow the suitcase to dry properly before closing. Suitcase is waterproof, so moisture has nowhere to escape.


1)    Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. (1pcs is a part of the package)
2)    Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners for cleaning means.
3)    Let the roller and pulley dry after the action.
4)    Preserve the thread on the roller and the tips, wipe the dirt.
5)    Always place a soft pad under the pulleys when handling there was no unnecessary scratching of the parts.
6)    When assembling, pay attention to the exact positions of the washers.
7)    Always be sure to tighten up strongly, preferably in a vice. Tighten with torque wrench to a minimum of 5Nm.

IMPORTANT: Never immerse the pulley in water. The pulley is water resistant, but not waterproof.

We wish you a lot of beautiful and safe moments with your pets.
Václav Holoch